APEMAN C450 Review

Updated on August 22, 2023

The Apeman C450 dash cam is one of the latest products by Apemans Electronic, a leading manufacturer in action camera, dashboard camera, and trail camera technologies. They have an impressive lineup of multiple devices such as the C420 and also the high-resolution Apeman 4K. However, the C450 falls into a much more affordable price range for many customers and therefore has become one of the fastest-selling and most popular dash cams in recent times. For that reason, we’ll take a detailed look in our Apeman C450 review and summary of functions and features.

Apeman C450 Dash Cam Summary

The Apeman C450 is a somewhat cheap dash cam that comes with great features specifically designed for recording good quality images while driving. The camera comes with high-resolution lenses with a super wide-angle that enables it to produce sharp images with great clarity. Its design consists of an F1.8 large aperture, WDR, and HDR technologies that enable the camera to work in areas with low light, including at night. The C450 comes with other great qualities that enable it to fulfill its purpose, which we discuss below.

Image Product Features
Apeman C450 Dash CamApeman C450
  • Max Res: 1080P
  • Display: 3"
  • G-Sensor: Yes
  • GPS: No
  • View: 170°
  • Night Vision: Yes
  • Wi-Fi: No
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Functionality and Features

Video Recording

The Apeman dash cam will automatically start recording when you start the car’s engine. This happens even when the camera is turned off. The 1080P Full HD dash cam has a great lens with 1080P Super High Resolution that gives it the ability to record clear images and videos whether the car is moving or at a stand-still. Pictures taken even when the car is driven at high speed are of high quality. Additionally, the 170° Super Wide Angle lens enables it to record a bigger area of the traffic and pedestrians in front of the vehicle. At 170 degrees, it is a very impressive field of view for this price, as many other budget cameras offer no more than 150 degrees.

Night Vision

The Apeman camera has superior capabilities of recording even at night when there is not much light on the roads generated from other traffic or streetlights. Its advanced large aperture, together with HDR and WDR, all contribute to making this possible. Super Night Vision eliminates the need to have any other enhancing lighting components as the C450 will produce clear images that can only be appreciated when played back and compared to other dash cams in this price range.

G-Sensor and Parking Monitor

apeman c450 dash camThe C450 dash cam also comes with a decent built-in G-sensor. In case of an accident, the Apeman C450 will automatically lock to memory and save what has been recorded leading up to and after the impact. This means you will have accident scene recordings without you manually locking it. This is unlike other recordings that are overwritten from time to time (through loop recording).

Now, this is standard among all of this type of devices. But what sets this one apart is the high level of sensitivity to shock. When any shock occurs, the G-sensor will detect this immediately and lock the footage that had been recorded. This prevents the footage from being overwritten and lost forever, eliminating the possibility of having destroyed videos of road traffic accidents and other scenarios where the vehicle is impacted.

A built-in parking mode feature allows the Apeman C450 dash cam to monitor your car’s surrounding for 24 hours. This increases the security of the car in question from criminal activity as well as hit-and-run type incidents.

The Screen

The 3″ LCD screen does not have to be turned on all the while when driving. Recordings can still be made when the screen is off, which means that the driver will be less distracted. The dash cam screen does not have to be on to know the device is working; lights are indicating this. A large screen is a bonus for some, while a downside for others. This makes it occupy a more prominent section on the car’s front windscreen, which can affect some people. Personally, we got along just fine and was no distraction at all. If 3 inches is too big and distracting, take a look at the Apeman C420, which has a much smaller 2-inch screen.

Setup and Installation

The Apeman dash cam C450 comes with two cables for installation. One is short, while the other is a long one, making installation easy, seamless, and flexible.

As with most modern low-cost dash cams, installation is pretty straightforward. Simply find a suitable mounting spot on your windscreen and use the suction mount to adhere to a position. Once installed, you’ll find that the product has been simplistically designed in a way that makes it easy to use, set up, and record. For example, setting up the loop recording, motion detection, and all other settings can be done easily, even for first-time users.

The camera has settings that will automatically power off the camera when it is not recording for a certain length of time. It can detect a lack of motion and turn itself off if required.

  • Wide 170-degree angle of view for the price paid
  • All of the standard expected features are included in this product (G-Sensor, WDR, HDR, Loop Recording, Parking Monitor etc)
  • Large 3″ screen
  • 45-day money back guarantee
  • 12-month warranty
  • Excellent value for money
  • The C450 is relatively big compared to other driving cameras (4.9 x 4 x 3.8 inches)
  • The maximum recommended SD card is 32GB. While loop recording is present, a bigger capacity memory card compatibility would have been appreciated

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The Verdict

From this Apeman dash cam review, it is evident that the C450 is a great tool for recording everyday activity on the road. The camera’s good quality lens is able to fulfill its work of recording while on the move, day or night.

Where this device gains points is the fact that it offers all the features of a basic dash cam, at the right price, and with exceptional built quality.

Where it loses points is through a lack of features such as built-in WIFI, GPS, and perhaps being a bit large in size too. However, these aren’t essential features of a dashcam, and size may not be an issue for some either.

Overall, this Apeman dash cam is an excellent purchase for anyone expecting the essential functions of a dash cam at a low price.