Falcon Zero F360 HD Review

Updated on May 7, 2024

The Falcon Zero F360 HD is a 360-degree dual camera dash cam that is mounted on the rearview mirror of your vehicle. It comprises two cameras each having 180 degrees of possible rotation. The actual viewing angle of each lens is only 120 degrees. Having said that, the dual dash cam with rear camera can be positioned in many different ways. That means you can either point each lens at opposite directions or have one of them record the view from the side of the vehicle while the other is recording the action happening at the front. Alternatively, you can have both the camera’s point towards the front of the car, in which case you then have an ultra-wide-angle 240-degree in-car camera, something that not many other rear view mirror dash cam systems offer you.

Quick Summary

Image Product Features
Falcon Zero F360 HDFalcon Zero F360 HD
  • Max Res: 1080p
  • Display: 3.5"
  • G-Sensor: No
  • GPS: No
  • View: 120 / 240°
  • Night Vision: Yes
  • Wi-Fi: No
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Product Review


Rearview Mirror Dash Camera Mounting MethodThe Falcon Zero F360 HD dash cam recorder does not require adhesives or suction mount cup or other contraptions in order to be attached to your dashboard or windshield. Suction mount cups are known to wear out over long periods of use and when they do you run the risk of damaging your device; they generally sit lower on the windshield because of the length of the mounted neck. Also, they can become a distraction for the driver. This device, however, does not have any of these issues. It clips on to the existing mirror or uses the provided with integrated LCD screen.


The 120-degree coverage of the lens may appear a little less than what other cameras provide. However, in many ways, this system is a great one. You can zoom with this lens, which is a sought-after feature for recording tricky situations where you are pulled up by a cop or when you want to get a close shot of a dangerously driving vehicle or a person of suspected criminal activity.

The most significant advantage of this rear view mirror camera is that it can simultaneously record views from two separate angles, each of which is customizable. Thus, you can set up one point in the direction that the car is going, and one in the opposite direction. In the event of an accident, when the guilty vehicle comes and shunts you from behind, or the impact is towards the rear of the car, dash cams set up to look at the front will never record anything that can implicate the guilty party shafting you from behind. Thus, the whole purpose of having one of these gadgets is defeated. With the Falcon Zero F360 HD dash cam with rear camera, now you have the option to capture footage from both angles, front, and rear.


Falcon Zero F360 HD Rearview Mirror Dash CamRecording can be set to either front, rear, or both at the same time. The video is recorded in AVI format, and there is an integrated mic for capturing audio too, which can optionally be turned off if desired.

With an angle of view of 120 degrees, only you are kind of limited concerning the area of coverage. But then the dual cameras can be set to point in the same direction to complement each other, thus capturing a much larger view of the road.

An integrated rearview mirror is provided that ensures that you can see what is being recorded. The dual cams attach to the existing mirror. The integrated isn’t a black one that standard systems provide. Instead, it is a normal bright one assisting normal viewing as well as an integrated 3.5” LCD for display, preview, and live-view of what’s being recorded.

You could choose not to use the provided rear view mirror camera at all, in which case the videos can be later downloaded onto a computer/laptop via a USB port or played back directly to a TV via an HDMI port. A 10’ long USB cable is provided in the box. With that, you also get a series of clips to set up the cords and a 32 GB MicroSD card. Not all manufacturers provide such a large-capacity MicroSD card. The Rexing S300 comes with the same, whereas in comparison the GS8000L only comes with an 8 GB card. In fact, some dashcams require that you purchase separately which is not only poor value but also a pain, especially if you find out after your device arrives.

Dimensions And Weight

The dimensions are 11 x 4 x 0.75”. It has an integrated 3.5” LCD screen but unlike the Falcon Zero Touch HD it is not touch screen capable. The mirror itself is a standard optical and not a blackened one. It serves a number of purposes, including setting up the dual dash cam, previewing the videos and images captured by the cameras as well function as a normal rear view mirror.

Setting It Up

The device draws power using the car’s power source. A supplied dual USB charger that plugs into your 12V cigarette lighter allows this dual connection to be powered. No additional space is required as the whole system attaches itself to the existing mirror in your car. The above-average 3.5” LCD screen previews the video footage being recorded. A 10’ long power cable is provided to ensure that the unit is neatly set up without any loose wires inside the cabin.

Video Setup

Falcon Zero F360 HD Rearview Mirror ScreenDigging into the menu allows you to adjust a bunch of video shooting options.

  • You can change ISO settings, choosing a number between 100 and 400. Using a lower number when shooting in daylight and a higher number when shooting in low-light conditions is recommended.
  • You can change the white balance adjustment, which allows you to remove specific color casts, such as the orange tungsten of the street lights. In the real world, adjusting white balance is not necessary. You can leave it on auto.
  • Exposure compensation is a nice feature to have. It is useful when you are driving through a dimly lit area, or you would be doing extensive night driving and want the videos recorded to be better illustrative of what’s happening outside the vehicle.
  • Video looping is a feature that allows any in-car DVR to record shorter clips of fixed time duration. The Falcon Zero F360 HD can record in clip sizes of 2, 5, and 10 minutes. Needless to say, the shorter the period less is the file size. Once the DVR runs out of storage, it starts overwriting the older files.

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The Verdict

This is a very impressive device for the money paid. not only does the dual camera setup give flexibility of side or rear view video capture, but it also does it in clear and crisp detail too. mounting is easy, and working the menu is a breeze. It may lack GPS, but for a no-frills introduction to a dual camera dash cam setup, this is definitely a good choice.