KDLINKS X1 Full HD Review

Updated on May 7, 2024

Dash cams are quintessential vehicle accessories that not only serve the purpose of documenting an accident or a speeding motor driving dangerously but also records suspicious movements from criminals and vandals when a vehicle is parked up. For those who love frequently being on the road, a car dash cam used for road trips is an excellent way to record the journey and the wonderful memories associated with it. Oh! And they are capable still shooters as well. Some also have night vision capabilities that come in handy when you want to record movements outside the vehicle at night time. There are so many to choose from, but as always, our technical gurus are here to help, and so below is the KDLINKS X1 review:

Quick Summary

Image Product Features
  • Max Res: 1080p
  • Display: 2.7"
  • G-Sensor: Yes
  • GPS: Integrated
  • View: 165°
  • Night Vision: Yes
  • Wi-Fi: No
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The KDLINKS Full HD is a capable device with many excellent features that make it an ideal partner, not only for your commute to the office or shopping mall but also for your cross-country road trip. It has full-HD video recording capabilities, 1920 x 1080p at a smooth 30 fps. The viewing angle is a wide 165 degrees, which is the same view as the feature-packed Xiaomi Yi. This is a very wide angle and ensures almost pillar-to-pillar coverage. Let’s look at the main features in the latest of our dash cam reviews and find out whether it is ideal for you.

Product Review


The KDLINKS X1 Dashboard Camera

The lens of the KDLINKS X1 Full HD is a six-glass night vision enabled f/1.6 with WDR technology. Apertures wider than f/2.8 are considered extremely respectable in the digital camera business. Needless to say, the wider the aperture more is the light that it is capable of capturing. This is particularly suitable when shooting at night time when there is not much ambient light to go around. Behind the lens and beating at the heart of the dash camera system is an AR0330 sensor.


The KDLINKS X1 Full HD in-car camera system is programmed to start shooting footage as soon as the ignition is turned on. It has a large 2.7” screen to check what has been recorded. It also has WDR recording technology. WDR stands for Wide Dynamic Range. This is very similar to HDR or High Dynamic Range, a technology that is available in digital cameras to assist with better image quality in low light situations. The wide dynamic range allows for brighter images in low-light conditions (see below for the night vision road test).

Built-In GPS Recording

The KDLINKS dash cam with GPS has a built-in module that integrates relevant data when the video is recorded. The module is built into the suction cup mount. This saves you from buying and installing a separate GPS device and then connecting it.

GPS data is translated into locational information, the speed at which the vehicle was traveling, and the route taken. All of this data is then integrated into a Google map route animation. In the event of an accident, it often becomes difficult to prove the speed at which your vehicle was traveling. With recorded video, which is documentary evidence of what had happened and the speed data obtained confirmed by the GPS, they form a critical piece of evidence in the event of an accident or claim. The dash camera system comes with special player software that can be used to decipher the details.

Motion Detector

Motion detection is excellent for catching late-night thieves and vandals; though this device has a g-sensor and can lock videos in the event of an accident, it does not work as a motion detector. If you’re specifically looking for a motion detector dash cam for cars, check our review of the Vantrue R2 2K.

Memory Lock Gravity Sensing

G-sensor (or Gravity-sensor) is a feature that is almost standard across most dash cams for sale. This feature senses when the vehicle is in an accident. When violent changes in G-force is detected, the in-car camera locks the relevant video clips into its memory. Locking the video ensures that they are not overwritten during regular loop recording.

Resistance To Heat

KDLINKS X1 GPS and Viewing Angle

Heat is a reality that you have to consider when buying a dashcam. When the A.C is on, you may not realize the importance of having heat resistance. However, when your vehicle is parked under the searing heat of the mid-summer sun, every sensitive component inside the cabin needs to be heat resistant; and includes the affixed dashboard camera. Thankfully the KDLINKS X1 Full HD is rated to withstand up to 170˚F as well as -40˚F for 6+ hours.

Setting It Up

Setting it up is no big deal. The unit comes ready to be plugged in and start using immediately. All you need to do is mount the suction cup, attach the unit to a power source of your car, usually the cigarette lighter, insert the provided 8GB memory card and switch on the ignition. A CD containing the KDLINKS player software is also provided. A cigarette lighter outlet power cord and a MicroSD memory card adapter is also provided. The video is recorded in .MOV file format. The clever dashcam comes with the integrated audio recording too. However, you can dig into the menu system and change a couple of settings as required.

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The Verdict

If you are looking for a reliable GPS dash cam system that can record videos with audio when you are driving your vehicle, this is one which does an excellent job. It may not have many of the ancillary features such as motion detection, parking monitor or even still captures but the X1 does what it is expected to do, obtain a full HD video of a wide section of the road ahead. There are a number of salient features of this top-end dashboard camera which makes it a good investment. An 8 GB SD card comes with the package so that you can unbox and use it right away. Power cords, MicroSD card adapters, and a GPS-mounted suction cup is also provided. The KDLINKS X1 Full HD has some interesting features and lacks others, but overall it does what it is expected to, take crisp high definition quality videos in all lighting situations. So far, we hold this as the top-rated for 2024 based on our recent Guru recommendations.