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Dash Cam Reviews and Buying Guides

dash cam reviews


Whether you already own a dashboard camera or are looking to purchase your first, this article is for buyers, drivers, or vehicle owners who are looking for the best that money can buy.

There are tons of dash cams available on the market at any one time.

A large variety of choices for some people is a good thing, but for others, too many options may not be so good. Features like WDR, GPS, viewing angle, parking mode, G-Sensor – all can perhaps make the whole process of buying very confusing if not daunting, especially for those new to this kind of technology.

Therefore to make things easier for our readers, our dash cam reviews conducted by our tech gurus have been summarized and put together in this website alongside comprehensive buying guides for helping you making an informed decision.

Different types of dash cam


While the general public is relatively knowledgeable on what dash cams are and what they can do for us, there is actually a lot more to learn than first meets the eye.

Only The Best Dash Cams

best dash cam

Best Dash Cam 2022

The top 5 best devices on the market right now in 2022

cheap dash cams

Best Cheap Dash Cam

Find a selection of the top rated dash cams available on a low budget.

best uber dash cam

Best Uber Dash Cam

If you’re an Uber driver you may want to install one of these devices for your vehicle.

Learn All About Dash Cams

Dash Cam Buying Guide

Buying Guide

Learn all about what type of dash cam to buy and features to look out for.

Where to install a dash cam

Installation Tips

Learn how to mount your camera for best results.

Why have a dashcam?

Owning A Dash Cam

Understanding the importance of why you should buy a dash cam.

Who Are The Dash Cam Gurus?

The team at are a small number of technical people who have been playing with and reviewing dash cams since 2016. They have seen almost every brand and type on the market, so it’s safe to say they have the relevant experience for doing technical write-ups on this site.