Pruveeo F5 Review

Updated on July 29, 2023

It’s been a long time since we’ve been seeing this one on the market, but haven’t had the chance to review it. Finally, we now present to you our full review on the Pruveeo F5 (with wi-fi) dash cam:

Quick Summary

Image Product Features
Pruveeo F5Pruveeo F5
  • Max Res: 1080p
  • Display: 1.5"
  • G-Sensor: Yes
  • GPS: No
  • View: 170°
  • Night Vision: Yes
  • Wi-Fi: No
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Product Review


The Pruveeo F5 dash camThe lens on the new and updated Pruveeo F5 gives a 170˚ angle of view. This is an upgrade to the previous F5 which only featured 140˚ angle view. A wider angle n the upgrade is much appreciated because, frankly, 140˚ albeit perfectly road-worthy, is still not ideal. There are some which give in excess of 160˚ field of view, and that means you can get nearly A-pillar to A-pillar perspective. With this particular device, you will get that and more.

Video Recording

The Pruveeo F5 captures only full HD perspective. That is ok, considering many of the entry-level dash cams also record full HD videos only. For the money, this is perfectly acceptable. Of course, you can choose to record at a much lower resolution of 720p. That would allow you to record for a much longer time frame. If you’re after a 2K car camera, you’ll need to up your budget much more (consider the Vantrue R2).

Loop Recording

This is a supported feature. Normal videos are recorded in single files / maximum file length or size as specified in the camera. The camera will continue recording for as long as you keep recording or as long as there is storage in the memory card.

Memory Lock Gravity Sensing

The Pruveeo F5 dash cam has a gravity sensor built-in, which is excellent for such a low-cost device. Whether it works flawlessly every time is another matter, but it’s there in the same way it would be in a device that costs twice the price. There is also a memory lock feature. Memory lock ensures that the camera does not accidentally overwrite any file which should have been preserved and archived. This feature helps important data, particularly those which have been shot at the precise time when an accident had taken place.

Motion Detector

Unfortunately, there is no motion detection, a.k.a parking mode, in this device. Without motion detection, the Pruveeo F5 will not be able to function correctly when in standby mode. Without the parking mode, the camera will be useless if you leave it on record in your car. Because as soon as the battery runs out, the camera will shut down. Although it’s a convenient feature to have, there will be sacrifices of course.

Ignition Detection

The Pruveeo F5 has an ignition detection feature in it. When you turn on your car, the camera automatically starts and begins recording. This is convenient as the last thing that you would want is to have to switch recording manually after turning on your car. Some instances of users forgetting to turn on recording and then experiencing accidents with no footage on camera caught is an all too common occurrence. Luckily this shouldn’t be the case here.

Rear LCD Screen

The rear LCD screen is only 1.5″. That’s tiny, to say the least. Thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi connection and the app support, you can safely switch off the rear LCD screen or never use it. All your setting changes can be done via a Wi-Fi connection. Some screens are much larger, 2.7″, for example, is a common size that works well. This is a somewhat personal preference. Some people prefer a smaller screen as it may be less of a distraction for them, whereas others like the ability to review recordings via the screen and require something big and clear.

Setting It Up

Setting up is no big deal. It actually requires a pretty simple installation and setup. A 3M adhesive tape mount is provided in the package, and all you need is to install it and then mount the cam to it.

One thing, though, is that the package does not come with any MicroSD card, and that means you will have to buy one before you can start using it. The card needs to be formatted using the Fat32 formatting system. Make sure that you do that in the camera.

The Pruveeo F5 supports up to 32 GB of storage, and additionally, the minimum class is Class 10. Please make sure that you use the right type of card otherwise, you will have a slow card error.

Video Set-up

Pruveeo F5 featuresThe video setting up requires very few adjustments if any at all. You have the resolution selector, which has been explained above already. You can select the frame rate from above. Then you have the loop recording option and also the option to turn on / off the sound recording.

Still Recording

The Pruveeo F5 is capable of recording still images as well. The camera specification states that it can record in jpg file format, which suggests quite clearly that the camera does have still recording functionality.


What we liked about the Pruveeo F5 is its Wi-Fi abilities. The camera comes with built-in Wi-Fi. That gives you the ability to connect the camera with any compatible device and pull videos from the camera. Additionally, the camera has app support. You can download the app from the official website and install it on your Android / iOS device. Using the app, you can connect with your smartphone or tablet, review the videos that have been captured, download them to your device, and even make basic setting adjustments.

Apart from Wi-Fi, you also have the option to plug in a USB cable. A Mini USB cable is provided in the box. The cable runs around and plugs into the cigarette lighter port or any USB power port on your car. You can also use the cable to transfer images and video files to your computer/laptop.

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The Verdict

Small dash cams like the Pruveeo F5 are in many ways, only meant for the sole purpose of recording videos when driving. They are not designed to include too many fancy features. You don’t have too many features or functionalities on them.

In this case, the Pruveeo F5 is ideal for the most basic purpose that you buy a dash cam – recording the view through the front windshield. It does not have a parking sensor, nor does it have any details of WDR / HDR functionality.

But that said, the camera does have a bunch of functionalities that many of the other cheaper dash cams do not have. e.g., it has a built-in Wi-Fi connection. With Wi-Fi, you would be able to transfer images and videos to your computer or smartphone without the need for any cable. Mind you, that would take a prohibitively long time, but it is one extra option in case you forgot the data cable at home.

Overall this is a nice dash camera to consider if you are in the market looking for a new one.