Anker Roav Dash Cam C2 Review

Updated on July 29, 2023

Following our recent review of the Anker C1, we decided to add the newer and upgraded Roav C2 to our list of reviews. It is the newer and upgraded version to the successful C1; let’s see what it has to offer.

Quick Summary

Image Product Features
roav by anker dash cam c2Roav Anker C2
  • Max Res: 1080p
  • Display: 3"
  • G-Sensor: Yes
  • GPS: No
  • View: f2.0 wide-angle aperture
  • Night Vision: Yes
  • Wi-Fi: No
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Product Review


The Roav by Anker Dash Cam C2 is powered by a Sony EXMOR IMX323 sensor and an Amberalla A12 chipset combined. This is a uniquely powerful combination for such a low price point.


Anker Roav Dash Cam C2

The optical lens of the Roav C2 is an f/2 unit. At f/2 this is not the fastest aperture in the business. And even then you have to consider the small sensor and the associated crop factor. But that said, it should get the job done. Additionally, the lens constitutes a 5 glass construction. The result is superior performance.

Video Recording

The Roav C2 is capable of recording at a maximum resolution of full HD. In that sense, it loses out to some of the other more illustrious dash cams that we have discussed previously, which can record in UHD resolution and some of the pricier ones that can record in 4K / UHD.


The Roav Dash Cam C2 features what is termed as Total Night Vision Technology, also referred to as NightHawk. This technology is geared towards better low-light performance. You can expect better low-light performance when using this cam at night. In reality, however, a lot of users have complained that the Roav C2 tries extremely hard to pull up the shadows when recording at night. And in the process, the camera blows out the highlights.

Loop Recording

Loop recording is a standard feature in a lot of cameras that are currently being sold. This is, however, a feature that you would find only on dash cams. The purpose of loop recording is to perpetuate the recording of a dash cam. Every memory card is finite, but you hardly ever download the videos and archive them. So, loop recording is basically about deleting the older files and recording new videos in their place of them. It does not require your input to clear the memory card. That means your camera is ready to record whenever you are prepared to drive.

Parking Mode

The ROAV C2 comes with an effective parking mode. This mode is designed to sense impacts/vibrations when your vehicle is parked. The camera will automatically turn on and make a recording in the event of an impact or vibration when the car is parked.

Rear LCD Screen

The rear LCD screen of the ROAV C2 is a 3″ LCD unit. It provides a reasonable amount of display to see what’s being recorded as well as playback the videos. Not related to the LCD screen though, but there is no other place to put this point in. There is a bright blue blinking LED light that comes as something of a distraction when driving at night. During the day, you would hardly notice it. But during the night, this becomes somewhat of a problem. One particular user mentioned that s/he had to put tape over the light to resolve the issue.

Setting it up

Roav C2 Night Vision

Setting the C2 up is no big issue. There are two ways in which you can mount the camera to your dash (and to the windscreen). First, you can use the 3M adhesive that comes in the package. Second, you can also use the suction cup mount that attaches on to the windscreen and carries the weight of the ROAV C2 without any issues.

Please note the Roav Dash Cam C2 does not come with a MicroSD card and you will have to get one before you can use this dash cam. This is poor because many of the competitors provide a memory card so that you can start using the camera straight out of the box.

Video Set-up

There is not much setting up to do. The system will be ready to start recording as soon as you plug in a microSD card. A 32 GB card can record around 4 hours of video, which is excellent. You can use a maximum of 128 GB of external memory card in the Anker C2. Please ensure that the card that you use is at least a Class 10 card.


The problem with the Roav by Anker Dash Cam C2 is that it has no built-in Wi-Fi capabilities. You would be forced to connect the camera to a computer/laptop and make a manual download of the videos. That is if you are interested in making an archive of some of your videos. There is also no app support either. So all changes in settings have to be done via the rear LCD screen and the buttons on the camera. In any case, there are not many adjustments that you can do. Further, the camera has no GPS integrated either. While that saves some battery when working in the parking mode, you lose the ability to embed GPS information in the recorded videos.

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The Verdict

Overall this is a mid-range dash cam. The functions on this model are somewhat limited. The main features seem to be the Ambarella chipset and the excellent Night Hawk night shooting capabilities. Even then, we have already listed an issue with the night shooting mode. But beyond that, the camera has very little to write about. You don’t get Wi-Fi nor GPS. The only connectivity option being the USB. You get a parking mode on the camera, which is nice, but it is not clear whether there is any gravity sensor on the camera. Overall, this is an ok buy, but certainly not the greatest by any stretch of the imagination.