Rexing S300 Review

Updated on May 7, 2024

Rexing is one of the leading brands to select when it comes to choosing a car dash cam. Their products are popular for the quality of lenses, the abundance of features they provide, and the competitive pricing they have set. Today we present the Rexing S300 Dash Cam Pro review, an in-car camera that is capable of shooting footage in full-HD, with 170 degrees super-wide angle of view and night vision capabilities.

Quick Summary

Image Product Features
Rexing S300Rexing S300
  • Max Res: 1080p
  • Display: 2.7"
  • G-Sensor: Yes
  • GPS: Optional
  • View: 170°
  • Night Vision: Yes
  • Wi-Fi: No
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Product Review

Camera Lens

With an ultra-wide viewing angle of 170 degrees, the lens of the Rexing S300 gives almost a complete picture of the road ahead. Mount two of these, one at the front and one at the back, and you have an unhindered view of the front and back of your vehicle. A wider viewing angle ensures that nothing is missed. A dangerous driver making a sharp U-turn, or a car merging at slower than normal speed, thereby putting faster-moving vehicles at risk, or a vehicle that cuts in front by breaking a lane, nothing slips by the all-seeing lens of the S300.

Rexing S300 Dashcam Screen

The fast wide f/2 six-glass lens captures a lot of light even in darker conditions. Thus, the smallness of the sensor is somewhat compensated by the wide aperture of the lens that sits in front of it. The presence of the infrared filter lens ensures that fogging etc. does not happen even after the car DVR has recorded for several hours at a stretch.


The Rexing S300 Dash Cam Pro is programmed to start recording as soon as you start the ignition. Videos are recorded in full HD (1080p) resolution. Many times poor quality fails to capture the license plate or the person responsible in an accident, but the full-HD recording ensures that video picks up smaller details vividly. In the event of a crash, this can be extremely useful.

Dimensions and Weight

The overall dimensions of the dashcam are 5.1 x 3.1 x 1.6″. It is a sleek design that has been created keeping in mind minimum obstruction to the driver when sitting in a driving position. The dashcam weighs about 4.8 ounces and comes with all the bells and whistles that ensure a speedy installation. Just like the sibling Rexing V1, the ergonomics of the Rexing S300 are also excellent. The buttons and dials fall in place nicely. The back is dominated by a large 2.7” LCD screen where you can also playback videos that have been saved or watch what’s being recorded in live-view mode.

Memory Lock Gravity Sensing

Memory lock and gravity sensing are two features that are intertwined and are extremely important in the overall scheme of things. One of the primary requisites when making a claim in the event of an accident is evidence. There can be no better way to provide full-proof evidence for an event than a full-HD video from the first-person perspective. That is the reason why dash cams for cars and trucks are considered one of the most essential accessories for any vehicle.

Coming back to the gravity sensing feature, this can detect sudden changes in gravity. These would include sudden acceleration, sudden braking, a sharp turn, etc. These events are identified by the Rexing S300, which causes the video being recorded at the time of the event to be locked in the memory card. This video will serve as a crucial piece of evidence in the event of an accident, and locking it prevents it from getting overwritten during normal loop recording.

Resistance To Heat

The Rexing S300 has excellent heat resistance. The included batteries 3.7v 110mAh Li-polymer batteries have been tested extensively at 170 degrees for well over 6 hours as well as -40 degrees equally. Apart from that, the dashcam has a series of air vents that allow heat to not accumulate inside the instrument for long durations. In many ways, the device comes with a one-year comprehensive warranty.

Night Vision

Rexing S300 Installation On Windscreen

Unsurprisingly this dashcam has extremely clear night vision. It can capture details very clearly, even in poor light, such as signs and posts, when you are traveling on the darkest night. You can see a sample of the video taken at dusk further below.

Wide Dynamic Range

Just like the Black Box G1W, the Rexing S300 Dash Cam Pro has WDR technology too. WDR stands for Wide Dynamic Range. In plain English, it means how many levels of light the camera can pick. Though not in the same category as a proper digital or film camera, it can still see several levels of light, giving a much larger dynamic range.


One of the good things about the Rexing S300 is its shape. It has been designed in a way to ensure it can be installed in the space between the rearview mirror and the windshield glass. The wedge shape is ideal for easy and convenient installation. You can either use the 3M adhesive pads that come with the box or the suction cup mount, whatever feels right for your needs. Plus a 32 GB MicroSD card is provided in the box so that you can use the DVR right away.

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The Verdict

The Rexing S300 Dash Cam Pro 1080p has everything that you would expect from a car DVR system. It has great video quality, a reliable sensor at the heart, a fast wide lens and all the bells and whistles that are required of a top-rated dash cam. For anyone who frequently drives his / her vehicle at night, the Rexing S300 also gives excellent low-light footage of the road. The ergonomics are good and have most of the important features accessible even when driving. It mounts easily and has two options and comes with a free memory card so that you can get started immediately. It’s not exactly cheap, but is considered one of the elite; you certainly have a reliable partner for all your travels, silently monitoring and recording.

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