Where to install a dash cam

5 Dashcam Installation Tips

Dash cam installation is fairly straight forward if you stick to a few golden rules and guidelines. Aside from reading the device manual and having a hands-on play, the below tips are often overlooked. Whether you already own one or are looking to buy, follow the below simple advice for perfect results on how to …

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TaoTronics TT-CD05

TaoTronics TT-CD05 Review

When it comes to buying a dash cam, you must keep a few things in mind. It is probably the most critical security feature on your car. Even more important than a burglar alarm or a steering lock. This is because it is a tool for documenting incidents that could pose a serious threat to …

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How to hide dash cam wires

How To Hide Your Dashcam Wires

Despite the obvious benefits of a dashcam, there are some vehicle owners who prefer not to use them at all. One of the reasons mentioned is that there are a lot of wires and hardware to be hidden or to be placed, which can put people off. The last thing that they want is the …

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Where To Mount Dashcam

The Best Position To Mount Your Dashcam

Where exactly should you mount your dashcam? This is a very important question, one that is fundamental to vehicle owners with dashcams. This depends on a few questions. Yes, especially given the name, it may seem that installing a dashcam on the dashboard is the most logical thing to do, but that can directly interfere …

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Cobra Electronics CDR 840

Cobra CDR 840 Review

Continuing with our many dash cam reviews, today we look at the Cobra CDR 840 Drive HD. This one records 1080p full high definition videos and has a number of essential features to boot. It’s currently bordering around the budget / mid-price range bracket, so is a somewhat affordable dash cam with GPS and night …

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Why have a dashcam

The Importance Of Having A Dashcam

A dashcam is not just a fancy device recording needless hours of video of your road travel. In this day and age, they are an extremely important tool when it comes to keeping documented evidence of an accident or crime, for both insurance and legal purposes. As technology has advanced in the photography world, cameras …

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AUSDOM AD282 Review

Full HD dash cams pay for themselves. These are one-time investments, but you reap the benefits for years. These systems like the AUSDOM are designed to set up and forget about. As long as they have a good quality MicroSD card installed and attached to a power source they will continue to work silently in …

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Z-Edge Z2 Plus Dual Lens Review

There was once a time when dash cams were considered to be a waste of money, even a hindrance to driving. These days, with the growing number of vehicles on the roads and an increasingly large number of newbie drivers with poor driving skills, it has become necessary to install these vigilant pieces of electronic …

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WheelWitness HD PRO

WheelWitness HD PRO Review

These days with dangerous drivers and pretentious novices behind the wheels of high-acceleration vehicles, accidents are just waiting to happen. Surveillance dash cams like the ones we review on this site are ideal for incidents that might occur due to no fault of yours. It is a one-time investment, and a small one at that, …

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Vantrue R2 Review

Car dash cams are no longer just fancy little pieces of technology labelled as distractions for the driver. They can be very handy when driving, especially if your vehicle is caught in an accident and you are facing several thousand dollars’ worth of claims. In this review, we take an in-depth look at the Vantrue …

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Falcon Zero Touch HD

Falcon Zero Touch HD Review

Dash cams are a must-have accessory for your vehicle. Even more than a good audio system or maybe body-colored rear-view mirrors. When it comes to safety and insurance, you cannot disregard the fact that a dash cam recorder is your ultimate defense against a false claim. In the event of an accident wherein there is …

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Digitsea 2.7

Digitsea 2.7″ Review

This is our review of the very affordable yet strikingly impressive Digitsea®. It has a 2.7″ TFT LCD rear view screen, 1080p full HD ability, built-in microphone and a series of other essential features that make an excellent choice for the money. Let’s take a closer look at the features of this HD dash cam. …

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Black Box G1W

Black Box G1W Review

Even the most basic in-car camera system is an integral part of your kit when driving on the road. They are more relevant now than they used to be probably a few years ago, continually and silently providing the additional security that you need to safeguard your vehicle in the event of an accident or …

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Falcon Zero F360 HD

Falcon Zero F360 HD Review

The Falcon Zero F360 HD is a 360-degree dual camera dash cam that is mounted on the rearview mirror of your vehicle. It comprises two cameras each having 180 degrees of possible rotation. The actual viewing angle of each lens is only 120 degrees. Having said that, the dual dash cam with rear camera can …

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